Paty Bocardo, Lucina Bravo, Lety Martínez

"Rodar para Vivir"

Lonny Davis - Hope Haven West

Who we are


We are a team of 3 women: Paty, Lucy and Lety... & Uncle Lonny!


We work for the children.

For the children who don’t have a mom or dad,

The ones who are alone,

The ones wno are beaten and frightened,

The ones who are vulnerable,

The ones who cry,

The ones who are infested with lice,

The poor,

The ones who need a caress,

The ones craving love…

The ones who need us to say “you can do it!”


Children who need support to experience the most rudimentary autonomy and independence. For them, a wheelchair is the gateway to owning their lives and freeing their parents to help them develop themselves. Without a wheelchair they remain homebound, burdensome, uneducated and ashamed.

Literally a REHAB WHEELCHAIR gives them the opportunity to live!


We think every child in need and their family deserve the best quality of life possible.

We believe there are no barriers that can stop us from getting a wheelchair to a child in need.

We work hard to deliver specialty rehab wheelchairs that will benefit not only one child, but the whole family and even the community!


We have seen the difference a rehab wheelchair can make in the lives of children and their families. A rehab wheelchair tremendously improves their condition and quality of life, provides more freedom and independence for personal activities, school activities, work, and social time.


Giving a disabled person a special rehab wheelchair allows them to have better posture, preventing future injuries that sometimes lead to worse conditions or even to death.

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Guadalajara, Jalisco. México

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