It could take a year or more for a wheelchair to get to a child!

How we do it

There are many steps to follow before we give a Special Rehab Wheelchair to a child. 

Special Rehab Wheelchair's Factories


There are two factories of Special Rehab Wheelchairs that support our project and we support them at the same time!


  1. A Prison in South Dakota - the prisoners earn a living by making wheelchair's parts that we buy from them. 

  2. Wheelchair factory in Guatemala - 99% of the workers in the factory are disabled and can make a living because we support them by buying wheelchairs from them. 


Finding Partners


We do different gatherings, events and presentations in the US, Mexico and other countries to intruduce people to our project and partner with us. 


We make presentations  to organizations, goverments and individuals that are interested in partnering and funding our project.


Training Volunteers


We offer training for volunteers to be able to adjust a wheelchair with the specifications of the professionals and doctors in charge. 


We also train volunteers to open their consciousness while working with disabled people and their families during the Workshop Distributions.


Wheelchair's Applications


Every child that needs a Special Rehab Wheelchair must fillout an Application. In the Application we require the basic information and specific measurements. A Social Worker validates each case to see if the candidate is viable to get a Special Rehab Wheelchair. 


Packaging and Organizing


We get all the parts for wheelchairs, package and go through a selection process to get the correct sizes and matches for each Workshop Distribution.


Shipping and Legal


Get ready to load the containers to ship to different countries and go through the customs and legal procedures. 


Storage and Transportation


The wheelchairs get to the city of Distribution with time in advance and they are kept in storage until the week of the Distribution. They are transported from the storage to the location of the Workshop. 


Workshop Distribution Organization


  • The Distribution is held in a large facility. 

  • Weeks in advance, we contact the receipients by phone, mail or even we go to their "rancherias" where they have no means of communication, to let them know of the day and time that they need to assist to the Distribution to get their wheelchair.

  • We get accomodations for the volunteers that come to the Distribution from other countries. 

  • We get local volunteers that assist during the Distribution in different areas:

    • administration

    • cooking meals for volunteers

    • helping with translations between the doctors, therapists, professionals that are adjusting the wheelchairs and the caregiver

    • downloading wheelchairs from the container

    • cleaning 

    • others



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