Sometimes I feel that I am multi-tasking…. Always a mom; beloved daughter, sister, cleaning lady of my house, cook, chauffeur for my children; the one who enjoys playing; the secretary and manager. I enjoy telling stories and get excited because the wolf didn’t eat Grammy. I don’t mind not wearing heels because I have to carry the wheelchairs up and down, and I would head-stand just to see a child’s smile. 


My children are my treasure; the ones I work with and my own: Marco Antonio, Julia, Bryan and Angel. Angel was born with CP. He blessed me by introducing me to this amazing world of unconditional love! 


My credentials include: Graduate Professor in Psychology and Learning Disabilities with Masters in Special Education. Director and Manager of Special Education, and State of Jalisco Coordinator of the “Creando Acceso a las Tic” project. 


Rodar para Vivir is one of my passions. I see so many people finally getting the right rehab wheelchair and transforming their lives. 

I am in charge of matching recipients and wheelchairs, facilitating the space where the distribution takes place, storage, taking care of logistics, finding funds, and volunteers. I'm so happy to do whatever it takes to make this project come true! 





I am mother of 3, Lucero, Luis Manuel and Celia Paola. Lucero was born with Cerebral Palsy. In 1986, I founded CIRIAC (Centro Integral de Rehabilitación Infantil, A.C.) along with my husband Luis and 2 other families in my same situation to help our children find a better solution. 


I've been involved in many organizations nation wide and internationally to help the disabled, human rights, and non profit organizations. I have worked with goverment institutions, formed alliances and partnerships supporting social participation, inclusion, discrimination and, most of all, justice. 


I've been member of the State Commission of the Integral Development Program for the Disabled, Council of Civil Organizations for Human Development. Founder of sports programs for people suffering from cerebral palsy.

I am the Vice President of the State Council for the Attention and Inclusion of the Disabled and Director of CIRIAC.


My participation in Rodar para Vivir has giving me the opportunity to access specialty rehab wheelchairs for children that I find unvaluable for their development, health and life quality. 


I am in charge of all the legal procedures, the importation process, customs and govermental requirements, and glad to be helping in other ways along with my partners. 





I met Paty about 14 years ago. She invited me to assist in a wheelchair distribution.

Then we teamed up with Lucy. 

I felt in love with the project, with the children, and their families, and I've been here since then. 


In my daily life, I manage the franchisees of an exercise company in Mexico and Argentina, I am also a life and business coach & mentor, and mom of 2 beautiful daughters. 


I am in charge of the overall coordination of our Rodar para Vivir project.


I take care of all the details; basically I connect all the dots to make this come true.

Some of the tasks I do are: contacting people from the US & Mexico to get funds, organizing the distributions, training and taking care of the team of volunteers, making sure the communication is correct and in time, doing PR, opening awareness in the community, and making everything flow in the best way possible.


When working with Lucy, Paty and Lonny we create synchronicity!  


But more than anything, I get the opportunity to be surrounded by awesome people who give their soul and heart to the ones in need... Children, caregivers, volunteers, all the people who work behind the scenes...  Together we are ONE!


MX +52 331 355 9669


Guadalajara, Jalisco. México

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